Map A: Stirchley & Town Park

Stirchley Hall




Stirchley Hall

Stirchley Hall

Although much of the present house dates from 1653, it was built on the site of much an earlier dwelling dating from the 16th century. It was successively enlarged over the 17th and 18th centuries.


Originally held by Buildwas Abbey, Stirchley Hall and its large estate passed from the Church to a series of owners until eventually in 1777 it was bought by Isaac Hawkins Brown.


The estate was leased to the Botfield family in 1811 who established the 'Old Park' brickworks, collieries and ironworks on the estate lands.


Stirchley Hall 1960s

Stirchley Hall 1960s

The estate was sold to the Haybridge Iron Company in 1886 and the Hall was sold off separately in 1894.


It was bought by the Telford Development Corporation in 1964, who later sold it for private use. The back of the house actually faces the road and the impressive stone barns are now private dwellings.





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