South Telford Heritage Trail

South Telford Heritage Trail




South Telford Heritage Trail

South Telford Heritage Trail

You can use this page to make comments and submissions which do not apply to one of the 49 Heritage Sites along the South Telford Heritage Trail.


Your contribution could apply to the entire trail or, alternatively, a particular part of the trail not covered by one of the heritage sites.


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Great trail, fantastic walk with lots to see, but there are one or two places where directions may need to be smoothed over and way marks checked.

Just after Madeley Court there appears to be a way mark on a post on the right, indicating a turn, but you in fact go straight on as per direction 29 (section 3).

I got really lost on Cinder Hill. In direction 76, "Where the track deliberately veers away to the left, look right and take the right hand track and wooden steps leading down the hill", it may be worth mentioning that there is another veer to the left with steps down on the right shortly before you get to the left veer/right steps that you must take. I took the first steps, which sent me to a dead end, but there was a fence along it with a gate-sized gap in so I thought that maybe was what was in direction 77, and perhaps the gate had disappeared or something, so went that way and got more lost. I followed back to the last point I was certain of (at the end of the hedgerow) and continued forward past the first steps on the right, and found the left veer/right steps mentioned in the directions which did have a way mark. Annoyingly, it was very soon after the steps I took first time! 78 then says "Go through the gate and turn right" but actually you go more or less straight ahead once through the gate, as turning right would take you along a fence which I think leads to the bottom of the steps that I had initially taken. It's worth clarifying the directions here, as woodlands would be the worst place to get lost. Getting down those steps isn't easy on your knees either! Next time I'll probably continue down Coach Road/Derby Road to rejoin the trail at the viaduct.

I did very much enjoy the trail though, and will probably do it several more times. There is almost too much to see and do - I could easily have spent a few more hours exploring sites along the trail and visiting the various watering holes - so if you're able to do it more than once it would be worth the effort.
Submitted by Lee, Telford on 06 September 2012 00:07


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