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Madeley Salop Train Station




Site of  Madeley Salop Station

Site of Madeley Salop Station

Madeley Salop Station was part of the Great Western Railway (GWR) line that connected Wellington to Much Wenlock via Coalbrookdale and Buildwas.


Not far from Madeley Salop Station, the GWR line would have intersected the L&NWR line to Coalport (East) at a point almost halfway between Aqueduct and Madeley Court.






Madeley Salop Railway Station – c.1890

Madeley Salop Railway Station - c.1890

The line closed to passenger traffic before the First World War, but continued to operate as a goods line well into the 1950s.


Although the train station has long since disappeared, the branch line is still active carrying coal to the power station at Buildwas, where it terminates.





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The bridge in this photo is still thier and is now part of the slkin way foot and cycle way
Submitted by John Gauton on 07 March 2014 17:08


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