Map B: Lightmoor & Dawley

Madeley Windmill




The Old Windmill near Madeley Court

The Old Windmill near Madeley Court

The Madeley Windmill consists of a red brick tower building of traditional tapered design.


Although it appears on an 1827 map of the area, it may have been in operation much earlier than this.


Like most of Shropshire's windmills, it would have fallen into disuse by the end of the 19th century.



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I walked the silkin way recently from Bratten to Coalport and I passed by the windmill. Why is it so neglected and full of rubbish. Can it not be given to the National Trust or English Heritage so sold to be refurbed as a private dwelling.
Submitted by Des Mifflin on 02 June 2009 21:43


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