Map A: Stirchley & Town Park

Randlay Pool




Randlay Pool

Randlay Pool

This would have been used as a feeder pool for the Shropshire canal that ran through this area in the early 1800s before the construction of the railway in 1860.


It was also close to the site of a brick works that was started in 1838 by the Botfield family but, eventually became the Randlay Brickworks in 1856.







Randlay brickworks c.1890

Randlay brickworks c.1890

The brickworks survived well into the 20th century but closed by the end of the 1960s with the loss of over 91 jobs.


It was estimated that in the 1960s, the brickworks could produce over 300,000 fiery red bricks in a week; sufficient to build 43 semi-detached houses.





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