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Lee Dingle Bridge




Lee Dingle Plateway Bridge

Lee Dingle Plateway Bridge

Soaring high above the Coalport Road and railway line, the Lee Dingle Bridge was built circa 1859 to carry coal on a tramway from the Meadow Pit Colliery (on the West side) to the Blists Hill Ironworks (on the East).


By the early 19th century it was no longer in use for its original purpose. However, it would have been used by locals as a convenient crossing point over the Coalport road and railway line.






Lee Dingle Plateway Bridge and Railway Line 1950-1960

Lee Dingle Plateway Bridge and

Railway Line 1950-1960

Access was finally blocked off in the 1960s and the rails lifted, but it remains very much as it was when it was first built with distinctive wrought iron lattice work.


A pedestrian footbridge across what is now Legges Way/Coalport Road affords a good view of the original bridge.



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Note to Ed: the bridge fell into disuse in the early TWENTIETH century - following the closure of the blast furnaces at Blists Hill (c1910?) and the Meadow Pit in 1919
Submitted by Rob, Stirchley on 01 September 2009 10:48
The steep track leading west from the end of the bridge (on the All Nations side) was a tramway inclined plane. As most of the traffic was downhill towards Blists Hill the weight of full trams was used to pull the returning empties uphill, although there was a small steam engine at the top to allow trams to be raised without a counterbalancing downhill load.
Submitted by Rob, Stirchley Village on 16 April 2008 09:39


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