Map B: Lightmoor & Dawley

Lightmoor Crossing




Crossing over Mineral Line - Lightmoor

Crossing over Mineral Line - Lightmoor

This is not far from the junction that in the 19th century would have taken the railway line from Lightmoor to Wellington to intersect the GWR line running to Coalbrookdale and Buildwas.


The line would have carried considerable quantities of material to and from the brickworks, mines, furnaces and factories that occupied most of Lightmoor & Little Dawley.



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Thanks for sharing your walk Charles. I walked the Dawley Heritage Trail today and will be following your trail tomorrow.

If you have any history of the cottages on Hollywell Lane or of The Finney to share; please do!
Submitted by Jake Snr, Lightmoor on 10 March 2012 22:49
I was born in 1930 and lived in Lightmoor (in the Finney)until 1949. Since that time I have visited frequently.
With grandparents near Longville and shops at Wellington, Lightmoor Station and Doseley Halt were journey starting points.
I believe the photograph shows a stretch of line commonly referred to as the Madeley Court line.
I am submitting my web site which describes a walk in the area titled 'A walk in the Countryside at Dawley in Shropshire' and which includes a photograph of the same crossing.
Submitted by Charles Davies, Wolverhampton on 20 May 2010 10:42


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