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I'm currently researching the history of Dawley & Stirchley Station and would like anyone with information or photos to email me. I have just been involved in an Archaeological dig at the Station I wish to know more about this station.


Submitted By: Steve Roberts, Stirchley on 03 August 2015


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Hi Steve - you can find out a bit more about the old Coalport branch line here: although you've probably seen that already. If you've got a particular question I'll try to answer it, or better still, join our two local history Facebook groups - Telford Memories and Telford Nostalgia Group (I'm on both of them so I'll see your question, but more to the point, so will thousands of other people!). If you've got any photos or new info about the station please post it on one of the pages - loads of people would love to see it!
Submitted by Rob Breeze, Stirchley on 06 August 2015 23:35


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