Map A: Stirchley & Town Park

Shropshire Canal




Stirchley Pools

Stirchley Pools

An act of Parliament passed in 1788 enabled the construction of a canal that would expand the canal network southwards from Donnington Wood to the river Severn at Coalbrookdale and Coalport. The funds for the canal were raised by public subscription.


Following a route past the Randlay Pool and alongside the Stirchley Pools, the canal split into 2 arms (Western & Eastern) just after going through a tunnel at Stirchley.


The eastern arm leading to Coalport was replaced by a railway in 1860, which also saw the removal of the Stirchley tunnel.


The western arm from Aqueduct to Coalbrookdale via Little Dawley declined between 1810 and 1858.


The remains of the canal can be seen at the lower Stirchley Pool which would have been used as a reservoir for the canal and as a wharf.





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