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Stone Row



Stone Row Hinkshay Road 1960


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My mother grew up in the Stone Row cottages shown on this site. Her name was Lillian Woodvine. She lived with her mother and father and had two brothers, Jack (also shown on this site) and three sisters, Hilda, Katherine (Dolly), Mabel and Marian. They lived simply but very happily. One of her stories, from those days before the world turned sour, seems to sum it all up. Whilst they were playing near the cottages, a kind neighbour ushered them to the side of the lane. He said, "Look out, you children. There's a barrer (barrow) coming." They asked for nothing, and as I grew up, I could readily understand why their profound love for each other was all they had ever needed. I still think of their selflessness and warmth every day of my life. Thank you for reading this.
Submitted by Roy Fox, 33 Marlborough Avenue, Stafford. on 12 July 2012 22:17


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