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Northwood Terrace




Northwood Terrace - Stirchley

Northwood Terrace - Stirchley

This row of substantial brick built terrace houses was built in the 1840s for the managers of the Old Park Company Ironworks. Hence its local nickname, 'Clerks Row'.


When the cottages were constructed they would have looked out on to the workings of the Grange Colliery and the blast furnaces at the site of the Stirchley Chimney.


Compared to the poor standard of housing that existed in Stirchley at that time, the houses at Northwood terrace would have been described as quite superior.


During the 1930s it is recounted that many lorries would have thundered up and down Northwood Terrace as they transported slag from the old furnaces for use as hard core in the construction of military airfields throughout Shropshire.



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I'd be interested to know where the name "Northwood Terrace" came from. I have seen a copy of an old tithe map, where the area now occupied by the terrace and gardens was shown as a field called "Northwood Croft". Whether Northwood was someone's name, or simply quite literally the "North Wood" I have no idea.

The row also had the nickname at one time of "Tarts' Row", having belonged to the Tart family.
Submitted by Rob, Northwood Terrace on 25 May 2008 13:51


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