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Stirchley Village School




The former site of Stirchley School

The former site of Stirchley School

Built in 1879 the School remained in use for 94 years.


In the early 1930s it had over 80 children between the ages of 5 to 14 years on the roll. By the time of its closure in 1973 it had only 30 children aged between 5-11 years.


The redundant red brick school building was re-moved to the Blists Hill museum and opened to the public in 1992.


All that can be seen on the Stirchley site today are the playgrounds and surrounding walls.


Stirchley School c.1986

Stirchley School c.1986



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This is the school I attended as a child and have many fond memories. 1955- 1961
There were about 15/20 in the Infants class, and my first memory is on the crate of small bottles of milk on the floor by the coke stove. Mrs Jones was my teacher and Mrs Darlington taught the Juniors which was next door with just a petition between the two classes.The toilets were outside with the cloakroom and our small little coat pegs are still on the wall at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum!
Submitted by Rosemary Perry - Aqueduct Telford on 13 August 2010 15:31


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