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Madeley Court




The gatehouse at Madeley Court

The gatehouse at Madeley Court

In 1553, Robert Brooke, the Speaker of the House of Commons during the reign of Mary I, began the construction of the Manor, as we know it today.


When the house finally passed from the Brooke family ownership in 1705 it was lived in for a short period by Abraham Darby 1 of Coalbrookdale, and then a number of tenant farmers.


In 1828 it was purchased by James Foster, an ironmaster from Stourbridge, who soon exploited the mining potential of the area.



The Old Court House – Madeley c.1950

The Old Court House - Madeley c.1950

At one stage 17 pits and 3 furnaces were worked on the site until about 1902. With the abandonment of the mining by the early part of the 20th century, the Court returned to tenant farming. By this stage the house and outbuildings were in a state of general decay.


In 1964 it was purchased by the Dawley (later Telford) Development Corporation and returned to private ownership in 1984. It is now a fine hotel and conference centre.





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