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Blue Pool




The Blue Pool – Site of clay extraction

The Blue Pool - Site of clay extraction

This was once the site of a pit used by the Randlay Brickworks to provide clay for the making of their distinctive 'blood-red' bricks.


Bricks from the Randlay works were used to build the Stirchley Chimney. At the bottom of the deep pool are the remains of the brickworks buildings and machinery. The suspension of the clay particles in the water gives the pool its deep blue colour and hence its name.





Clay extraction at what is now the Blue Pool c.1950

Clay extraction at

what is now the Blue Pool c.1950



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You are right they were called the clay pools by all the kids when I lived there im not 100% sure but I'm probably the instigator of the name The Blue Pool a term which i used as a child around 1981 because of this i was constantly corrected by my piers "its the clay pools ! " im not saying that it was me who started the name but i never heard anyone else say the blue pool, but im sure i was one of the first to Penn the name....
Submitted by Brian Millar Glasgow on 25 May 2012 09:54
I think you may find that this pool was known as the 'Clay Pool' at least it was when I swam in it in the sixties. Also, Stirchley Chimney was known locally as the Chemical Stack. Well at least it was by the local people.
Submitted by Andy Chetwood Dawley on 11 December 2009 12:06


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