Map A: Stirchley & Town Park

Stirchley Chimney




The Chemical Stack – Randlay 2007

The Chemical Stack - Randlay 2007

A permanent reminder of the industry that once occupied the Town Park, the Stirchley Chimney, 62 metres in height, was built in 1873 on the site of an existing blast furnace that had been operating since 1827.


Following the bankruptcy of the company that built it, the Wellington & Coal Company, the furnaces were eventually leased to the Wrekin Chemical Works in 1886.


They remained in business producing tar, sulphur, lime salt, wood naptha and charcoal until they ceased production in 1932.


The spoil from the iron works was later exploited by the Tarslag Company for the purposes of road building and the manufacture of concrete. In 1923, Tarslag Ltd was one of the largest firms operating in the area.



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I have just covered, as a freelance photographer for the council press office, the Walkabout Wrekin Heritage Project launch at Enginuity and learned of this web site there.

Having lived very near the Stirchley Chimney since 2001 I was delighted to learn of the history of my location through this, a very informative web site.
Submitted by Colin, Arundel Close on 27 March 2009 14:45


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