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St James Church




St James' Church, Stirchley

St James' Church, Stirchley

One of the finest churches in Telford, St James consists of 3 main parts that reflect its life over more than 800 years.


The stone built chancel with its impressive arch dates from the late 12th Century, the nave and West Tower is 18th Century and the brick built North Isle was added in the 19th Century.


The most significant memorials in the graveyard belong to the Botfield family who were the leading local industrialists in the area during the 1800s and patrons of the church. The church was decommissioned in 1975.

A water colour painting of St James' Church, Stirchley by the Rev. E Willams 1789

A water colour painting of

St James' Church, Stirchley

by the Rev. E Williams 1789



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I grew up in Stirchley and remember going to the village stores in a stable for my sweets and to book coach trips with my mum. The school was closed but still there, this must have been the early 80's. St James was my favourite place to go and escape and i sat for hours in the grave yard looking out and exploring. i always said that i would get married there! I hear that it has been restored and i would love to visit when it is next open to the public. I remember doing an ink drawing there when I was 9 and i have it framed hanging in my house. St James has always been a curiosity to me and I would love to come back. I attend my local church St Marys but i never really went to the modern church in Stirchley it had no soul for me.
[Editor's Comment: You can still visit St James. The keys are held at the old rectory beside the Church (now a B&B)]
Submitted by Claire in wales on 20 March 2009 13:56


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